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1.  Proposal Planning If you're madly in love and looking for the perfect place to POP the Question, we are at your service. Trip With Shan takes your wish for a memorable and special proposal and takes it to the next level. Check out our Proposal Packages to find the one that's perfect for telling your mate, you're in it FOREVER!


2. Excursions/Tours 
Go ahead and add some adventure to your vacation with an assortment of safe, fun, and authentic options that the island has to offer. Start exploring the Dominican Republic with us. We have curated the best of the best to delight and appeal to all of your senses. We can also make recommendations for your unique needs, whether traveling with family, solo, or with a group of your best friends, just let us know! For things to do in the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, The Bahamas or Mexico, click HERE and we'll curate a custom itinerary with our partner companies in those destinations. For tours in other countries/cities, you may find what you're looking for HERE

3. Vacation Rentals
If the resort is not your style, consider one of our Vacation Rentals which will allow you to feel more at home while away from yours. You will be astonished at the range of properties that can suit any size family or group. Our rental recommendations are located in prime areas, close to everything you could need or desire - nightlife, dining, and a slew of other entertainment and amenities. Choose from 1 bedroom studios to 8+ bedroom, beautiful villas. Just let us know what you desire!

4. Wedding Services
Are you a Punta Cana bride-to-be or planning to get married in the Dominican Republic. Allow us to assist you with booking your group’s accommodations for the big day. We can also assist with connecting you with the perfect wedding planner, transportation, photo/video, floral, and makeup recommendations. Our wedding services allow you to freely enjoy the bliss of your nuptials without a glitch here in paradise. Our focus is on your needs and making sure that the coordinating process is a hassle free one for you. 

5.  Transportation Services
We offer an array of safe and reliable transportation services, not limited to only airport transfers, but also for commuting around the exquisite island.  Try out our luxury, private or shared transportation services to suit your personal palate for any occasion.  

6. Nightlife
Looking for something to do after dusk? Want to hit the town and enjoy some of the local vibes? Really delight in your vacation by enjoying a safe and exciting after dark experience. We can arrange anything from a romantic beachside dinner, to booking a private party venue for your group’s event, to arranging entry to one of the many nightclubs. Or how about a night you won’t forget on the best party bus in Punta Cana! For a quote, email us here ( Include the occasion, # of people, date, and details on how we can help!

7. Custom Trip Experience Planning
We are experts at recognizing that each trip should be a unique and personal occasion.  If you dream big like we do, we can help you with customized planning. From beginning to end, we will curate all (or a portion) of your trip to compose/present/reveal your own completely unique trip experience.  

8. Dominican Republic Investment Opportunities
If you have already visited the Dominican Republic, then you’re probably already madly in love with this country. And if you haven’t yet visited, then we invite you to do so now. The Caribbean, including the Dominican Republic, is one of the ideal locales to invest in and we’re here to assist you with that. We have the insight, knowledgeable resources (realtor and legal partners), and inside scoop on the best places to invest. Whether it’s  for personal or business reasons, there is an excellent investment opportunity for you here.  So go ahead and sign up for one of our DR Investment Tours to learn more about how you can step into your future by owning property in the Dominican Republic. You can sign up here:  

9. Photo/Video Services
Let your memories be captured in real time through our professional photography and video services. Then let them tell your story, inspire others, or simply remind you that life is good. We offer both male and female photographers with true talent and the ability to bring out the best in you.  What will be your story?  Photography and video services includes but are not limited to weddings, family reunions, group trips, clubs, honeymoons, birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette events, and the list goes on.

10. Private Chef/Catering Services
If you choose to stay off the resort and you’re looking for authentic meals prepared for you, your family or your group, we can accommodate at your request. We can also cater to any specific diet plan that you must adhere to while on vacation. Let us arrange for you a private chef or catering service. We have an array of experienced, professional cooks to delight your palate during your vacation.


11. Group Trips
If you’re looking to travel with a group of friends or family, an organization, or perhaps want to host your own group retreat, look no further! Group trips offer the opportunity to mix and mingle with new and old friends. Imagine enjoying a unique and amazing experience together. Allow us to do the planning to accommodate any group, no matter how large or small to almost any destination of your choice.  

12.  Solo Travel
If group travel is not your thing or perhaps you want to venture out on your own  personal adventure, or your friends continue to have some excuse as to why they can’t travel with you, no worries! We have solo trips that can cater to your personal style and offer you a trip to remember, while keeping your safety top of mind. Get started now by filling out our TRIP WITH SHAN Easy Trip Planner®

13. Branded Retreats
Have your own business? Want to gather your group or followers in one fabulous location? How about a paradisiacal escape to get up close and personal with your buyers/audience? Promote your business while also connecting deeper. We’ll consult with you to put together a marketing strategy as well as a pricing structure that will allow you to maximum guest attendance, while also allowing you to earn a profit from being the host of your very own retreat. Allow us to put together the perfect branded retreat for you. 


14. TRIP WITH SHAN Easy Trip Planner® Are you wanting to plan a trip but you don’t know where to start?  Try our Easy Trip Planner to get you motivated.  Planning takes time, but we can help you plan your trip through our hassle-free process, which can be done quickly online.  One of our specialized destination representatives is standing by to receive your information and to assist you in making your trip dreams come true. Get started HERE

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